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Posted by hj on May 14, 2003 at 22:46:31:
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Yes, a "handyman plumber" that I once knew used a blowtorch to heat his pipes when he needed a slight angle to compensate for a bad installation. It is not recommended and an inspector would go ballistic if he saw it. He might ask who the electrician was that installed the plumbing.

: here's the story, roughed in a basement bathroom,busted the floor up,etc, 3"pvc to tie into the main cast iron waste line. the problem i ran into was the main line ran on an angle under the floor. no matter what angled fittings i bought i could not get the new waste line to run along the wall (floor) that i had busted up to receive the toilet, shower, and sink. solution, took a heat gun and warmed the 3" pvc up and bent it about 10 degrees to get everything to line up. question, anybody ever heard of doing this? so far no problems, everything works fine. comments appreciated! thanks

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