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Posted by Hube on May 14, 2003 at 18:38:05:
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: A submersable 1 HP water pump supplies domestic and lawn water. There is no water bang problem in the house for routine use. However,---. Assume that the water supply system is static, pressure in the oversized bladder tank is at cutoff pressuer of 55psi. Air pressure in the bladder is 28psi, 2psi below cutin pressure for the pump, according to spec. No water is flowing any where in the system.

: The lawn sprinkler kicks in and water begins to flow from the system tank, pushing out lots of water for about 20 or more seconds, with no water bang.When the pressure drops to about 30psi, at which time the pump comes on--- BAM! The entire plumbing system vibrates.

: It can't shake because, after covering it with foam insulation, I installed "U" shaped clamps with two screws each every 8 feet of pipe length. The pipe is 1" PVC.

: If I run water anywhere else in the system,wait until the pump goes on and then turn on the lawn sprinkler, there is no water bang.

: If I could slooowly turn on the water supply to the sprinkler system manifold, I am sure the problem would be solved.

: No help from the manufacture, the plumber, the irrigation guys.

: Thought that the air charge in my supply tank would act as a shock absorber. Now I am thinking of installing a two gallon Extrol, or blader tank, near the sprinkler valve manifold to suck up some shock wave.

: Anybody got any suggestions?
TONY; Sounds like a CHECK VALVE sticking! How long does the "bang" last ,a second?, or is it more than that?

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