Re: Sump Pump gurgle
Posted by hj on May 10, 2003 at 18:58:01:
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You did not specify if the pipes from the two pumps both have check valves on them. If not then the water going out the pipe will also go down into the inactive pump. Even if they did have check valves, if they are leaking slightly, the added pipe would create enough resistance so that some water could be forced into the other pump and cause the gurgling.

: We have a wet basement, the original house was built in 1812 and every owner since has commented on the water (apparently spring fed). The problem is delt with by two sump pumps that are working (after a fashion). The tubing from each goes to a a Y in a single 2" pvc pipe that extends beyond the front porch. This not far enough from the house so today I intalled some tubing (to the outside of the pvc) to take the water down the lawn by about 40 feet. All of a sudden the pump that is not pumping is gurgling. When that pump starts up the other gurgles the whole time. It seems obvious to me that the extension I added outside is causing the problem but is there a solution?? thanking you in advance... bob

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