Re: What model of American Standard toilet do I have?
Posted by hj on May 08, 2003 at 20:14:23:
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The model of toilet is immaterial for your situation. The only part that you can replace would be the brass spud that the Sloan valve pipe goes into. Everything else is china and part of the toilet, and therefore not only not removable, but also not subject to wear. All other parts, bolts, etc., are generic and not part of the American Standard toilet.

: Please help me ID this older model toilet, perhaps 1970s or even 1980s but may be original to my building, constructed in 1927. The toilet is floor-mounted (10 in. rough-in) and pressure-assisted with a Sloan Royal Flushometer flush valve (replaced 2 years ago) installed. It is my understanding that the Sloan Royal may be the only type of flush valve fitting on this toilet, if that helps anyone identify it. Between the seat hinges, the toilet is marked "Standard." I don't see other markings, such as a model number. It is 15" high, and not exactly elongated, but not exactly round.

: The toilet was recently uninstalled as part of bathroom renovation/ re-tiling project and it was discovered that the wax seal, flange (?), etc. was faulty and leaking quite a bit into the sub-floor and basement. I am seeking the model name/ number to get the right replacement parts for the toilet for when it is reinstalled (soon, I hope).

: I called American Standard technical support and offered to send digital photos but the rep I spoke to was not helpful. (She kept telling me to look in the tank for the model number!) I scoured their web site -- it only offers specs on current models.

: I also need a properly fitting new toilet seat -- I have eliminated everything at Home Depot/Lowes. A commercial seat made by Church that I have seen at an online retailer looks like the best fit so far.

: Any help you can provide will be be appreciated! Your site is full of great information!

: Thank you,
: Leslie

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