Perimeter Drains
Posted by BrianF on May 08, 2003 at 17:51:14:
In the northwest corner of my basement there is a perimeter drain enclosure in the floor. It is about 2' x 2' and has 6" iron pipe sticking out in the hole from each angle of the house. These pipes are about 2 feet down in a 3 feet deep hole and it collects the water from the outside walls (I think).

It has never overflowed but it does concern me that I won't know about it until my carpeting is soaked.

The real issue for me is that there is visable mold in there and though it is closed with a cast iron plate and in a closet, it is not air tight. What should I do to stop the mold or prevent it from becoming airborn? It is cemented in so I'm not sure if I can relocate it without major work. Could I make it air tight and vent it outside somehow?

Any help / suggestions appreciated!

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