Re: Can I remove a leaded closet flange, or do I need a pro?
Posted by Leslie H. on May 08, 2003 at 14:57:33:
In response to Re: Can I remove a leaded closet flange, or do I need a pro?
John, Terry, everybody on this thread,

Very similar presenting situation for me: gut re-model of bathroom, wooden sub-floor covered with wire mesh/concrete/mortar covered with ceramic tile. At this point, the tile is the only flooring layer to be completely removed. There is a cast-iron-looking-flange (quite uneven) above the concrete floor with one remaining bolt (facing up). Outside diameter about 7.5 inches, inside diameter about 3.5 inches.

From these messages, I am not sure what it is I should be asking the contractor to do: 1) get new parts and install the closet flange and bend and wax ring/ seal or 2) just do the wax ring/ seal -- no new flange is necessary?

I posted a message earlier today about finding out what model American Standard toilet I have partly in order to get the right closet flange and other parts for proper re-installation (toilet was leaking prior to removal before demolition). Are these parts model-specific? If not, maybe it doesn't matter that I can't identify what ol' toilet I have.


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