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Posted by Tim Flock on May 08, 2003 at 12:58:21:
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History on cast iron-There are few remining manufacturers of porcelain coated cast iron plumbing fixtures. Cast iron Foundries are cost prohibitive as a start up operation due to environmental issues. The existing foundries have been grandfathered in and can continue to operate under a different set of rules.
Where am I going with this? A company called American Standard, a manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, had a fire in it's cast iron foundry. Instead of rebuilding the foundary due to cost and new regulations they abandoned cast iron fixtures all together. They developed and marketed a product called Americast. This product was billed as equal to and better than cast iron products. Americast is basically procelain on steel with a polymer/fiberglass backing-similar to Briggs Ultra Tuff.
Which is better? The following is my opinion from 18 years in the industry:

First Choice-Porcelain on Cast Iron
Second choice-Briggs ultra Tuff
Third choice-Porcelain on steel or fiberglass

The porcelain is thickest on the cast iron tub, but the Ultra Tuff is a good choice especially for the weight factor you mentioned. You will not see a difference in function or durability for as long as you own your home.

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