Americast Tubs
Posted by Chris Burbage on May 08, 2003 at 10:36:02:
I have had my old tub replaced with Americast - twice now. The problem has been that, over time, the tub seems to bend downward a few feet in front of the drain. When I stand in it, both feet land at an angle up towards the sides. More to the point, the water doesn't drain, about a quart of it never reaches the the drain, it just sits in this gully. Both Americast tubs have done this, installed about 8 months apart back in 2000.

Have there been any other complaints that you're aware of? Could there have been a bad batch of product at that time? After the second tub did the same thing as the first, I just gave up on trying to rectify it, seemed useless. But I am still disatisfied with the product.

Thank for your time and advice.

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