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Posted by nicktheplumber on May 07, 2003 at 22:13:12:
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: We've got a seldom-used half bath near the front door of our house (and right above the sewer line exit point for the house, by the way) and have really had no problems with it in the three years we've lived here. Recently, though, it developed a fairly strong sewer smell. The plumber removed and re-installed the toilet but wasn't satisfied that he had fixed the problem, and sure enough he hadn't. He didn't think it was a vent problem either, because the water in the sink drain trap did not not seem much affected when he flushed the toilet.

: A few days after the plumber's visit, I heard a loud, rhythmic whooshing sound coming from that bathroom. When I went in and lifted the toilet lid, water exploded all over the room again and again with each successive whoosh. I closed the lid again fast, but the room was already soaked. Then I noticed the sound of a motor outside my house and realized that the sewer maintenance folks were doing something with a big truck and a big white flexible hose running into the manhole cover in the street. A couple of minutes later, the whooshing stopped.

: I wasn't able to run outside just then and ask the sewer crew what was going on, but I figured the exploding toilet thing must not be normal; otherwise, they'd have every resident in the neighborhood screaming at them. Also, we've got three other bathrooms that were completely unaffected.

: Based on this information, can anyone deduce what's going on with my smelly bathroom? Any assistance here would certainly be appreciated.

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