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Brief introduction

Beijing Net Plastic and Aluminum Composite Pipe Co., Ltd is high technology enterprise established by Beijing International Electric Power development and investment Corporation and Being Non-ferrous Industrial Corporation. With strong financial and technical ability, it developed a series of PA pipe, PP-R pipe and PEX pipe, which adopt butt-welding technology on the basis of international advanced ones. And its annual production can reach 8 million meters.

Area of application

Net Aluminum and plastic pipe fulfills the requirements for drinking water installations as well as for heating systems, gas and industrial fluid distribution. It is widely used in construction and water supplying, heating systems, public utilities, modern agriculture etc.

Technical structure

The Net Aluminum and plastic pipe consists of an inner and outer plastic pipe made of Hi--Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Cross-Linked (PEX) or Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), and an aluminum pipe in between. The three pipes are connected to each other with adhesive. This means a pipe set-up of five layers.

Net pipe is dimensionally stable and still flexible. One only needs a minimum of fittings due to the flexible pipe. The linear expansion is also made being minimized and is comparable to the one of copper pipes. It is toxic-free and smooth, hygienic, no oxygen permeability.

The advantages at one glance

Corrosion resistant, free from incrustation, quick, easy and safe assembly, high pressure and temperature resistant and still flexible, minimum liner expansion (compared with copper), lightweight, economical, eco-friendly.

Physical characteristics

Maximum operating temperature 95��C
Maximum short-term stress 110��C
Maximum permanent operating pressure 10 bar
Thermal expansion coefficient 0.025 mm/mk
Thermal conduction 0.45 W/mk
Maximum blast strength 8.0 MPA

We would like to establsih business relationship with who are interested in PEX-AL-PEX pipe.

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