Re: Replacement Cartriges
Posted by hj on May 06, 2003 at 09:10:11:
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The seats in the faucet are probably damaged if it has leaked for a long time. If there is no separate knob to divert the water to the shower, then you need a diverter spout.

: Unknown mfg shower & tub 2 knob system.
: It had been reported to be leaking and upon inspection noticed the tub spout was missing and had been capped. The valve handels turned away from each other and neither one would stop the leak.
: I pulled the cartriges and went to local HW
: store for replacement, returned and installed the
: replacements.
: I also installed non-diverted tub spot. I did'nt know what type it took or if it made a difference
: Same leaks
: Does it make a difference diverted or non diverted getting mixed.There is no extra lever on the shower wall. Same leaks.
: Any helpfull tips or advice would welcome.
: Thanks
: Gary Clark

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