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Posted by Karyn on May 05, 2003 at 22:03:19:
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Okay, so what you are saying is that the "backing up" problem will always be a problem? And, why would they put this drum trap so far under the floor that only someone with super long arms could get at it. I mean, the floor was a mud job so it's not like it was going to be easily accessible to begin with.

I still have no idea exactly what is wrong with the fixtures themselves. I am far from being a plumber and only trying to understand so I can make some sense of this when I am talking to someone. When running the shower half the water comes out the shower head and the other half comes out of the spicket. I know that's not normal. How is that fixed???


: Unless the Crane fixtures are deteriorated, the parts are readily available at most parts stores. The drain thing is a drum trap, and the "bolt" is the wrench point for removing the cover. You usually have to cut the cover off, and if it is made of lead, then it will usually have a fine thread and those covers are no longer available. You would have to use a toggle cover, which is adequate until the drain plugs up again and then it might leak. You will not be able to unplug the drain until you remove the cover.

: : Hello. My house was built in 1951 and the bathroom is completely original. The spicket in the bath has started to drip constantly and the tub has always filled up with water when taking a shower. I've cleaned out the hair so that is not it. The lead bend pipe under the floor has been replaced with PVC so it's not clogged. There was, however, a cylinder that the contractor did not know what it was. We couldn't access it unless you had extremely long arms or we were going to tear out the bathroom...which we are not. He thinks it's a cleanout of some kind. The pipe runs from the drain and into the bottom half of the cylinder and there is another pipe that comes out the other side of it only out the top half. He said this could be the cause of the water backing up but didn't want to mess with it because he didn't want to cause a bigger problem just in case. This cylinder has a bolt on the top of it but like i said you can't get at this thing. Does anyone know what it is?

: : Back to the drip problem. I can't seem to find anyone that carries Crane products in Connecticut so I can replace the bath fixtures. We wanted to replace them with the same ones because the wall is tiled and behind the tile is concrete. The tile job would end up costing me too much money!!! Any suggestions?

: : Thanks!

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