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Posted by elle on May 05, 2003 at 12:17:02:
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Get a Kohler!! I just made the mistake of getting an Eljer to replace my perfectly good 25 year old Kohler cast-iron tub, it was a homely brown color. After installation and a single use the Eljer began to rust! I am furious and awaiting a call from the Eljer right now to learn what my recourse can be. In the meantime my contractors are on hold since they cannot complete the installation of the rest of the bathroom until the tub situation is squared away. How I wished I had stayed with my homely brown Kohler, it had plenty of good years left!

: Eljer is also a name brand and its quality is probably as good as the Kohler. You will pay more for Kohler because it is Kohler, the same as with Kohler faucets.

: : I am trying to decide on whether to have a Kohler cast iron tub or an Eljer cast iron tub installed in my new home. Is the quality of these two tubs equal? The plumber says I'll be paying more for the Kohler because it's a name brand, but I wonder if this is the only reason. I'd rather spend a little more up front if I'm getting a better quality tub. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Emails at are welcomed!

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