Posted by hj on May 04, 2003 at 21:22:15:
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As long as I can understand the question, I try not to get pedantic and make corrections.

: : Unless you live in an area that does not have inspections, you will not be able to "build" your own tank. You will be required to purchase an approved concrete or fiberglass tank, and install the discharge method according to the plans that were submitted for the permit. These plans/drawings are based on tests made on the property to determine the porosity of the soil and therefore the design of the leach field or cesspool. It is not something you do because you think it is an easy task.

: : : can you help with instructions on how to build and construct a ceptic tank. what is the angle from the soil pipe to the tank and what should the drop be. thank you for you help. peter.

: Peter; I agree with hj post, get the proper permits.Don't fool with our enviroment. Hopefully ALL areas of N.A. have restrictions on this subject. and it's SEPTIC..not ceptic,good luck ..Hube

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