heating water
Posted by Carol on May 04, 2003 at 12:19:55:
I bought a house and have noticed that the water heater at one time was connected to the furnace. I know in the house that I rented before I bought this one had it where the water went through the furnace for heating purposes, for more hot water. And I see on my furnace there are cooper tubes unattached to any thing but are in the direction of the water heater. I suppose they must have had the water heater hooked up at one time or were attempting to hook up the water through the furnace. I'd like to find the process to do this as I would like to rent out the bottom half of my home but cannot with the amount of hot water we get. It only lasts for two showers, then it's gone, for some time too. The water heater doesn't seem to re-heat very fast. I believe the last water heater was hooked up to the furnace cause the tubes look as though they have been previously used. I suppose when they installed the new water heater, maybe they knew by then they were selling and chose not to do the job, but I need it. Can you help? thanks

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