Re: ejector pump keeps runing
Posted by LonnythePlumber on May 03, 2003 at 03:31:22:
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: The switch is stuck or broke. We cannot tell you what to do, since we do not know what kind of switch it has or which is the problem. Call a plumber. He can repair or replace the pump whichever is needed.

: : and running and running.
: : Plugged and unplugged and still keeps going..
: : there appears to be a long piece of metal which acts as a trigger to set in the pump in motion and that piece is all the day way down.
: : Wife currently unplugged it - what does one do here?
: : Your suggestions as always are greatly appreciated.

: : Bill

Often the float is hung up. Either on the side of the sump pit or from debri. Switches do go bad and many can be replaced. However when the switch goes bad then other parts are usually at the end of their useful life. Replacing the pump may be a better option if it is a faulty switch. I'm presuming you are discussing a residential unit.

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