Re: bathroom faucet cartridge
Posted by LonnythePlumber on May 03, 2003 at 03:12:19:
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: Depending on the model, it could have either of two diffeent cartridges. Those from that time, should remove easily once you get the handle and retaining clip out.

: : do I need any special tools to remove a cartridge from my single handle Moen bathroom faucet (3 year old model). It continuosly drips water. Not sure of the model or model # but would imagine it is a common faucet as it came standard when the house was built. thanks.

You will most likely need a moen cartridge puller. They are usually around $40.00 but I've started seeing some in hardware stores for $15. and in fact that is what I have been using the past two years. LonnythePlumber

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