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Posted by hj on May 02, 2003 at 17:33:42:
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Yes, he needs to install a check valve at the pump to prevent the cool water at the bottom of the tank from going back through the return line to the shower.

: recently i built a new house. since the 48 gal. bradford white gas hot water heater was located in a separate garage and 80 ft. from our master bath on the 2nd floor, we had a recirculating system installed. our intent was to reduce the time to have hot water available at the tap.

: a bell and gossett pump was installed where the bottom drain is located, by adding a T. this pumps water into the tank from a return line. the return line runs from the pump to connect with the supply line near the master bath. some plumbing fixtures are connected to the supply line before the return line connection point, and the master bath fixtures are connected after the return line connection point.

: the problem is that when taking a shower the water heats up quickly, and then goes cold. if you turn off the shower and wait a few minutes it heats up again. we turned off the pumb and closed the return line valves, and we get hot water that stays hot, but you do have to wait longer for it to get hot.

: our plumber has tried turning the valves shut 3/4, but this doesn't help. there are valves at the pump and one where the return line comes into the house.

: any ideas on how to make the system work properly would be appreciated. my plumber has tried adjusting the system via the valves several times and doesn't have any other ideas.

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