Re: Humming pipes driving us insane!!!
Posted by Joerg on May 01, 2003 at 12:56:14:
In response to Re: Humming pipes driving us insane!!!
: Our pipes hum and vibrate - sometimes very loudly - when no water is running. When I turn on a faucet it stops and then starts again when I turn it off. What is this all about???

After you are 100% sure there is no electrical
current flowing across the pipe from, for example,
a faulty ground connection then maybe you should
look for the source. Maybe some pipe runs along an
area where there is a transformer or it might run
to a fridge (water dispenser) which has a humming
compressor. Pipes carry noises over long stretches.

Once the sourc is found you can try bolting down
near the source, isolation etc.

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