Loose shower insert
Posted by Barbara on May 01, 2003 at 12:04:45:
We recently had our house inspected as we are selling the condo.The only fault he could find was what he called a loose shower faucet.When he pulled it seemd to come away from the wall a bit when he pulled it.He said it needed a longer screw to anchor it to the wood behinf it.We removed the plate and the screw was very tight.We replaced it anyway with a longer one.The result is the same and it appears to me it is the shower insert that moves when you pull on it not the faucet.The plastic/fiberglass one piece insert is very tight to the top,sides and around the tub but not tight to the center of the walls.We never had a problem in the 6 years the condo has been built and never knew there was a problem.Lowe's ahs told us it will run about 800. to replace the insert as we cannot tighten it any other way and we will probably have repairs to the wall behind as well when we remove it that will need repair.Is there any way we can avoid this.As seniors that represents one whole check and there is very little equity in the condo.We will hvae to repir it before we close.It seems a lot of work to repair what is not a problem to start with.Thanks.Barbara

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