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Posted by hj on April 30, 2003 at 17:48:25:
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The options in a hardware store may not be the best ones. You should have a cast iron flange/collar leaded to the riser. Seat belts don't seem necessary either, until you need them. Without the proper flange, it is difficult to secure the toilet properly and provide a seal in the event of a sewer backup.

: On my bathroom remodel, I now have a 4" inside diameter cast iron pipe for the toilet at what will be the finished floor heighth (5/16 hardi backer and vinyl tiles are planned). I do not have a flange on the pipe, and the old toilet had only a single metal ring that was not actually attached to anything but the floor (ie, not physically attached to the metal pipe). Is this OK or should I get some kind of real flange in there? The options I have seen at hardware stores seem limited, and don't really seem necessary (in my fairly useless opinion). What would you do?
: thanks

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