Re: Can I remove a leaded closet flange, or do I need a pro?
Posted by John Frank on April 30, 2003 at 14:21:27:
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Two updates:
1) While searching the internet, I found a link to a product. This solution is very much like the pedestal I was going to build myself. Please check out the link I am providing. Does anyone have any feelings on this type of product?

2) Dave K - Thanks for the reply. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't think that my flange is lead - I think it is cast iron and it is "leaded in", which I interpreted to mean that lead was jammed in between the stack pipe and the cast flange assembly. I think if I hit the flange with a mallet it will crack the way my cast iron tub did when I took that out.


: Hi John...

: I had almost the identical situation; same age house, same tile floor w/ a wire mesh, lead closet bend.

: My intent was to re-do the flooring. When I gutted the bathroom and took out the toilet, I realized there was no closet flange; the toilet was simply bolted to the floor.

: Rather than worry about replacing the lead closet bend with a PVC bend, I just laid down the new sub floor and new tile, and pounded the lead flange "lip" over the new tile with a mallet(the 5/8" you speak of should be soft enough to tap down over the new material). Unless your lead flange is cracked or broken, I wouldn't worrry about replacing it. As long as the new wax ring on your toilet seals up over the opening, you should be good to go.

: Plus, if it lasted 50 years as it was, why would it not last another 50?

: Dave K