Gerber UltraFlush Toilet
Posted by sjazz on April 29, 2003 at 14:04:08:
In my new home, I have back-to-back bathrooms (mine/wife's and kids) with back-to-back toilets. Seperating the toilets (besides the wall!) is the main 3" stack, which both are connected to. In my bathroom, we have a Gerber Ultra Flush. In the kid's, we have a "normal" Gerber toilet. The problem is, when we flush the UltraFlush, it actually siphons some water out of the kid's toilet bowl! After a few flushes, there is only a minimal amount of water at the bottom of the kid's bowl, potentially allowing sewer gases into the bathroom! How do I fix this?

The house is a ranch, with a full basement underneath.

Thanks in advance.

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