Install Toilet Flange?
Posted by Nickz on April 29, 2003 at 12:10:40:
The toilet in my newly purchased home (c. 1926) started to leak from the base. I pulled it, and the floor screws were rusted out. While the floor isn't rotted out, new screws aren't secure, and I couldn't find any larger diameter screws. There is no flange on the floor -- the toilet was installed directly on the floor over the original cast-iron sewer pipe. Would installing a floor flange be the answer to my problems? I assume that I could drill new holes for the flange, since the toilet would affix to toilet bolts, rather than screws? Is this correct? Anything to look out for in installing a new flange? What sort of seal will I need to prvent leakage from the flange? Thanks for any advice -- new at the toilet game...

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