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thanks to both you gentleman.
on Ebay I found a wall mount faucet at 35 gpm. This is for a service/industrial type sink, however will work quite well for the tub I purchased. The swivel spout is a plus.
For the drain assembly I saw locally for about $40. The brass version was $50. Both of these stipulated 18 inch.
It seems doing my plumbing homework is paying off.
thanks again

: : The faucet's actual holes will always be smaller than the pipe running to the tub, unless the pipes are plastic.

: : : this is how I found this message board because I bought a bargain American Standard whirlpool tub at Home Depot except the sales people want to sell me the "ONLY" faucet that will work for the tub for $200+ dollars. The tub doesn't even have pre-drilled holes on the deck and specifies not to drill your own.
: : : Well I saw a bunch of faucets on Ebay and now totally confused. The GPM thing caught my attention. My tub holds 61 gallons full so if I get a 30 GPM faucet it should fill in 2 minutes, but what is the faucet holes are smaller than the pipe leading to the tub?
: : : Plus there is a nightmare drain assembly.

: : :
: : : : i am a single mother trying to do my own plumbing.
: : : : does a roman tub faucet have 3/4 inch fittings suitable for a whirlpool tub?
: : : : does the 3/4 inch reduce to 1/2 inch?
: : : : gpm ???
: : : :

: I always drill my holes for deck mounts.I've not seen instructions that say not to drill your own and don't know why it is said. You can use a wall mount faucet with an extended spout if compatible with your tub.
: You do need an extended drain assembly. About $80.00 to $100.00. It is possible to make your own by adding a slip extension and an additional brass linkage from a toilet lift wire. However home mades tend to hang up. LonnythePlumber

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