Re: Sillcock valve broken?
Posted by Tom on April 27, 2003 at 18:15:07:
In response to Re: Sillcock valve broken?

Thank you very much for the advice!

So, apparently, the valve is broken and need to be

As you said, the valve does screw into
the supply line inside the house. It goes into a
"L" shaped connector through a female adapter.

So, I need to:
- unscew the crews on the outside wall,
then lossen up (unscrew) the valve from the female
adapter, (better with two wrenches).
- try to salvage the brass pipe (about 13 inches long)
- use the pipe on the new valve
- screw the new valve with pipe into the L shaped
connector (using two wrenches) again.

I hope I get it right and thanks again for your


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