New House - possible broken sewer line???
Posted by David and Susan Juneau on April 27, 2003 at 14:47:32:
We just purchased a new house (built in 1989). We live in Texas so we dont have basements and are on the city water and sewer. Soon after we moved in our half bath toliet started backing up with only a small amount of paper added with each flush. We called out a company and they ran a sewer machine to clean out the line and it worked for a few weeks. Then the disaster started. My washing machine is backed up to the toliet in the half bath and now every time I wash clothes and it goes into the drain mode the toliet backs up and will overflow if I dont turn off the washer and let it drain. I have to turn off the washer every few seconds. We are terrified that we have a broken sewer line. The rest of the house is ok with no problems. it is a large house (2600 sq. ft) all on a single floor. can you offer some advice or help.
Thank you,
David and Susan Juneau
Baytown, Texas

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