Re: Installing 60" tub in 60" space
Posted by junsun on April 27, 2003 at 00:07:26:
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What kind of faucet can be used? Is yours of Roman Tub type?
The faucet issue has me baffled. I'm looking now at faucets for industrial type sinks.(restraunt sorta) The good thing is these have a swivel spout so if two people want to use the tub, the spout can be moved out of the way. The problem is how fast will the water come in - GPM.

: How, without removing or cutting through studs, do I get a new 60" tub into an existing, barely 60" space with little room to maneuver it? (Once the other fixtures are out of course.) Because the old tub has an upright instead of sloping back (very uncomfortable), I want to replace it rather than just refinish it.

: Also, I'd like to extend the new flooring a little way under the new tub so that I don't have a possibly leaky strip of caulking to seal the gap where the flooring meets the tub. I don't think this kind of seal is ever truly waterproof. Is this recommended? I'll be using top of the line vinyl flooring, and any replacement flooring 15 or 20 years from now can just meet the tub while the old flooring still keeps the water out.

: Your advice will be appreciated.

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