Re: Best pipe for trap primer to floor drain?
Posted by Bruce Keats on April 26, 2003 at 21:35:48:
In response to Re: Best pipe for trap primer to floor drain?
: I disagree with hj about the use of copper under slab. Concrete eats on copper and so does some sand and soil conditions. The copper institute gives a useful life of copper that I believe is 35 years or less. I'm starting to replace copper water services about once a year.
: Copper is the traditional method and is often specified on commercial prints. You're not putting floor drains in a wood floor are you?
: Additionally I don't feel they have the technology good enough on these primers. I favor the lavatory drain water connection over the potable water supply source of water which requires maintenance. I don't reccommend them unless required.
: LonnythePlumber

This is part of my larger basement bathroom and laundry room project. I am putting a new floor drain in the basement laundry room, so the floor drain is in concrete (2" abs traped, vented and backwater protected). I am using the Zurn trap primer installed in the cold water line branch in the laundry room with a 1/2" feed to the drain. This way the trap gets water everytime the laundry tub or washer is used.

About the only problem I have had so far is locating a 2" floor drain that has a trap primer port. All I have been able to find are the 3" cast iron industrial ones. I will end up making one from a 2" abs floor drain by drilling and tapping.


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