Posted by d pinch on April 26, 2003 at 21:20:51:

i am having problem with old(30-50 year) shower fixture

has 2 controls for hot and cold to shower head, then 2 controls under first with a hose spigot for filling a bucket? to dump on your head

is all chrome and good shape, there is tile on wall

has washers on the stems, but looks like built in seats that are not removable, looks that way anyway, seat wrench just spins with no grab action, upon flashlight inspection it appears that the seats are part of the valve body

there is a slight drip at shower head and would like to stop it

has anyone run into a valve bldy with built in seats? i would think to cut the seats, but then the washers will wear prematurely

am i looking at it wrong? any advice?

it is located in a big old house from the 1800's in roslyn harbor ny on long island. house is beautyful with 2 color vermont slate roof, victorian on the water

my next chioce is to pull the stems and run down to sheilds plumbing in port washington,ny to idtenify the manfacture and ask if indeed there is replacement seats?

but like i says any advice is appreated

dino, handyman

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