"Lakos" sand separator
Posted by Stanley on April 26, 2003 at 19:36:29:
Anybody hear of a Lakos sand separator that attaches to a submerged well pump? My present home has what I feel is a large amount of sediment, and I currently use a cheap sediment filter, (purchased at Home Depot). I was talking to a plumber and he recommended the above described sand separator to remove any sand and sediment at the new house. He said the system would not only remove virtually all the sand/sediment but also help cool down the pump. Anybody have any comments, suggestions, recommendations concerning this product. He also suggested a spin down type system in the basement.(?) I figure it might save me problems down the road. Additionally the plumber I was talking too is not the plumber for the new house so its not like he's trying to make a quick buck on me. Thanks in advance to all who reply. Stanley

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