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Posted by LonnythePlumber on April 26, 2003 at 18:52:48:
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: I have a cast iron soil stack with a cast iron flange in a 50 year old home. The notches for the flange are a bit worn, and consequently the bolts are difficult to tighten, resulting in a toilet bowl that is not as securely fastened to the floor as I would like. I'm curious what the best options are to remedy the situation.

: I have seen the plastic flange described in a previous post that is threaded and has a rubber gasket. However, I don't think I can simply "stack" the two flanges as the height off the floor will be too much. Are there any relatively simple solutions short of hiring a plumber to remove the old cast iron flange?

: Thanks for any suggestions,

: Tom.

There are spanner flanges. This is a thin piece of stainless steel in a C shape which slips under your existing flange and the toilet bolts come up through them. However most insecure bowl settings are from an inadequately secured flange and not the bolts. If your flange is not secured to the concrete you need to do so. Plastic anchor sleeves are okay. You can drill through the existing bolt holes and use small washers on the screws.
If it is your bolts, then you have room to put a nut on top of the flange and bolting the toilet bolt tight to the flange before you set your toilet

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