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Posted by Damon Cantrell on April 26, 2003 at 17:03:08:
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follow up: the type of toilet and what has been done -
1) 1.5 gallon tank flush unit. floor mounted

2) 2.5" Throat

3) American Standard model 4083

4) Common Problems:
very slow bowl wash. Guest must flush 2-3 times. Toilets clog easily.

Remedy: Have found the tank only emptying 2/3rds before flapper closes. Replaced flappers with "KORKY MAX FLUSH" brand. New flapper allows tank to completely empty with improvement on bowl wash and typically requires only one flush. Waste drain risers not appearing to present any problems.

No more guest complaints and the product typically is gone in one pull.

: I work in a hotel that recently renovated all 400 rooms. We have the generic 1.6 gallon toilets installed. I am busy every morning and evening with my guys having to go to rooms and flush the toilets or clear the clog. The toilets have to be flushed 2-3 times and the bowl wash is very poor. I am using the Trayco flapper and the chain slack is good. The tank empties down to about 5/8" before the flapper shuts. Are there any other gizmos out there or inexpensive ideas to help the situation?

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