Re: hot water comming out of the side of the house
Posted by Gary Swart on April 25, 2003 at 11:32:10:
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If it's not the water heater relief, then you will have to get to where you can see where the pipe exits the house and trace it to it's source. Since it's PVC, it has to be a drain or vent of some kind, but as HJ stated, you don't give us very much to go on, and you will most likely have to call a plumber in to repair the problem if it is more than the relief valve.

: I'm just guessing that it's the pressure relief from your hot water heater. Check to see if that's been tripped.

: : If you can see the pipe and do not know how, or why, the water is coming out of it, how do you expect us to do it from here? Call a plumber.

: : : after reinstalling a sink and faucet in the kitchen when I turned the water back on hot water was pouring out a pvc pipe that comes out from under my house. I can not figure out where the pipe comes from, and it makes no sense how the sink replacement could have cuased it... I desperately need help here.... Please/

: : : Melanie

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