Re: No hot water flow in shower
Posted by LonnythePlumber on April 24, 2003 at 22:45:08:
In response to Re: No hot water flow in shower
: : If you have a two handle faucet it is probably debris.

: Yes, it's a two-handle faucet, circa 1970, and the brand name stamped on it is Central.

: :Do you have steel piping?

: The pipes are copper from the water heater (on the ground floor) to the ceiling and steel from there to the shower head (on the second floor).

Central Brass is an good faucet. Pull the stem and make sure you still have the washer retaining screw. Blow out the debris as discussed in my first email. If this doesn't work you can run cold water backwards through the hot line. Turn off the water heater shut off. Open a hot faucet and leave it open. Preferably a washing machine hose bib with the hose off.Plug off spout and shower head. Open the tub hot water and open the cold tub water and see if you can blow the debris out the open hot faucet.

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