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Posted by Curley on April 24, 2003 at 20:27:52:
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Thanks Deb. Today I spoke with a Tech. person at Watts and he agrees with you -I appreciate your time!
: : Background:Public water (130-135 PSI per water co. at nearest pump(?))2 weeks ago replaced gas hot water heater (19 yrs old)New pressure relief valve(on hwh) began dripping.Tried adjusting watts pressure reducing valve,it fluctuated between 80 and 130 lbs.I then replaced the press red valve(watts WU5BF).New valve fluctuates from 50-100.shouldn't this valve regulate the pressure at a constant psi?

: Do you have an expansion tank installed at the water heater location? If not, you need one. When water heats, it expands. Since the pressure reducer doesn't allow water to flow backwards through it, there is no place for the excess to go, but out the T & P valve. An expansion tank is designed to absorb this expansion.
: A pressure reducing valves only limit the pressure of the water as it enters the house. The expansion occurs after that. Some pressure reducers have a bypass that allows excess pressure to excape back into the system. But since your pressure is so high (above 125) the T & P valve goes off.
: Hope this helps.
: Deb
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: Deb
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