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Posted by Deb on April 24, 2003 at 18:45:08:
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: It is not just a pipe, there is a flared end with about a 1/2" flat surface. I can not find a flange that will either fit in or around this device. I can not cut the pipe without removing the ceramic tile and subflooring again, as it is not accessible.
This sounds like it could be a regular metal ring closet flange--minus the metal ring. I've been to places where the ring rusted and the homeowner just pulled it off and threw it away, bolting the toilet to the floor.
The Pipewench

: The "super flange" is a trade name. It is essentially a flat metal flange. It does not slip in or around the pipe, but rather sits on top of the pipe.

: : What is a "nonflanged connection"? If it is just a piece of pipe, why can't you install a new flange over it?

: : : I just replaced the subflooring and put ceramic tile down in my bathroom. The previous homeowner had a non-flanged ABS connection and the toilet was secured directly to the subfloor. I feel like I should have replaced the connection with a new flange, but now it is too late. My hardware store suggested a "super flange" that is sealed against the existing pipe and then screwed to the floor.

: : : Will this really work or did I screw up and need to pull the ceramic tile?

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