Re: No hot water flow in shower
Posted by LonnythePlumber on April 23, 2003 at 23:10:25:
In response to Re: No hot water flow in shower
: In one of our showers the cold water flows normally, but there have been delays between hot-water valve turn-on and water flow for some days, until the hot water stopped flowing altogether.

: When the hot-water valve is turned on, no gurgling or a sound of any kind is heard.

: Only this shower is affected. All other water outlets in the house operate normally.

: What could be the cause for the hot-water stoppage?

If you have a two handle faucet it is probably debris. You can shut the hot water off at the water heater, remove the hot stem, and turn on the hot water briefly a few times. This may clear your debris. Do you have steel piping? If you have
a single lever faucet it may be debris or internal. What brand is it?LonnythePlumber

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