Re: Sulfer Smell
Posted by Hube on April 22, 2003 at 10:03:13:
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: Is there anyway to get rid of the sulfer smell from my well water; that isn't $5,000 (bid from Rain Maker)?

Mike: There are many ways to control "Hydrogen Sulfide"/ Rotten egg odor, etc. The SURE cure is to relocate the well to a "aquifier" that is favorable. Naturally this is quite costly. There are many ways you can try to eliminate problem, but first get the water LAB CHECKED to see what its make-up is. Then you can decide to what extent you want to pursue. Watch out for any so-called "fast cures", because in my opinion there aren't any. Depending on the analyses of water, some solutions would be; AREATION..Special FILTERS..relocation . The Quote from Rainmaker may not be too far out of line. Make sure you get a guarantee. Don't pay till satisfied. Good luck..Hube

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