How do toilets work?
Posted by Charlotte Gorenberg on April 21, 2003 at 17:20:17:
I have an old toilet (water user) and it is not flushing well. I have used Red Devil or some such, poured down the inside of the tank (water off) and let it sit to clean out the holes around the rim--water is coming from all of them now.

I have noticed in the other toilets i the house(all old), that whatever solid item might be in there goes down pretty quickly and then the water swirls and fills up the bowl and then goes down the drain. The malfunctioning one seems not to take away the solid, but swirls it around and may or may not flush it down, but if it does, it is at the end of the process.

I'm wondering if my drain line might be partially constricted?

Welcome any information.

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