Re: Move Toilet 1 inch?
Posted by super yooper on April 21, 2003 at 15:28:40:
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an offset flange is the perfect solution to your problem.

you need to remove the existing flange (the ring that connects the toilet to the plumbing) this may be tricky, esp if the existing flange is glued on the plumbing.

because of the space limitations (the flooring materials may be in the way), removing just the flange may prove to be very difficult.

it might be easier to remove the flange and elbow (if there is an elbow is this situation) and a little pipe, but if you can do that, moving the location of the existing flange is easy.

depending on the details of your toilet, you may be able to sneak an offset flange in there without moving anything,

try going to a plumbing supply shop (on where professional plumbers shop, you are taking you chances with any of the big box stores) and explain the situation to them, chances are they have a solution that will help

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