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Posted by Deb on April 21, 2003 at 14:36:38:
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: My basement toilet will not flush. So, taking the toilet off it was tested and cleaned just fine. Water is flowing down the drain (checked that when the toilet was off) just fine. But when the two pieces are put together suddenly the toilet won't flush or flushes very very slowly. So, the two pieces work independantly but not together. What am I missing?

: Thanks for any help,
: Mary

Take a 5 gal bucket filled 3/4 with water and quickly pour into the toilet bowl. If the toilet does not flush, there is an obstruction in the toilet bowl trapway or the drainage line (which you beleive you have ruled out). If the toilet flushes, it means that the water is not entering the bowl from the tank fast enough to get a good flush. There are small holes around the rim of the bowl that can get clogged and impede the flow of water. These can be cleaned with a dental pick or something like that. There is also a large hole at the bottom of the bowl that can become clogged (those cake type tablets that go in the tank are famous for this).
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