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Posted by Hube on April 20, 2003 at 08:56:40:
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: Please help.... we moved into a brand new home in Jan of this year. We drilled a well, the water was very hard and contained a fair amount of iron. We installed a water softner/iron filter. Soon after we had a very strong sulfur smell. We were told to replace the anode in the water heater to a aluminum one which we did one week ago and now the smell has returned. Is there anything else we can do. I know that complete removal of the anode could solve the problem but I also know it will void the warranty on our water heater and shorten its life.

: Please help
: Thank you

: Rebecca Roy

Rebecca Roy; This smell is "Hydrgen Sulfide gas. "sulfur water." Does the water turn a slight black color, or an orange tinge? Do you have a separate IRON filter with the SOFTENER or a SOFTENER that will take some iron out? This usually is an expensive problem to overcome. There are supposed to be iron filters that will remove hydrogen sulfide ( up to 8 mg/l) They use potassium permangate as a charger. Have you tried " shocking" the well (Bleach) This sme times is only a temporary cure, but worth a try. Also do you have a CARBON filter installed? they are helpful. Sometimes the only real cure is to drill in another area (unless a known gassy area), or useing an "Aeration Removal Method." Check with a water tech. store . By the way, when you moved into new home, was there a water consensus report on the water condition? Post any added info. Good luck Hube

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