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Posted by casman on April 19, 2003 at 09:52:28:
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: : I'm a novice do-it-yourselfer. I want to put a full bath in basement. I have a roughed in drain and vent line is about 12 ft away. I want to know how professionals go about it and what would be fairly feasible way someone like me can do.
: : - I was thinking about putting a t-joint on the drain, so the up-portion connects to the vent and put p-trap on the other end of the t-joint to connect to tub. One problem with my idea is clearance. I would need to either raise the tub or dig the concrete. Is my idea way off? if it's not, how would you do it.

: You need to break concrete. You should consider having a plumber rough it in with you removing and replacing the concrete. You would be lucky to rough in correctly doing it yourself. You won't know if your system will work until after you have replaced the concrete and set your tub.
: LonnythePlumber

go buy a book for 20 bucks and follow the instructions being sure to follow local codes....

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