Re: Water softener (or "hardener"......)
Posted by hj on April 18, 2003 at 21:49:58:
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If your softener's regeneration schedule is not set up properly for your hardness, then it will run out of soft water before the regeneration occurs. This can happen with demand type units as well as timer controlled ones if the initial setting was not for the actual hardness of your water, or if it has become harder over time.

: here's the problem, my water softener seems to be working only some of the time. while in the shower, the water is intermittently "hard" (sticky, tacky) and "soft" (slimy). There is a distinct difference in the feel of the water. The softener (2 tank system) does suck the water out of the brine tank but could there be some sort of blockage in the mineral tank preventing the water from being soft at all times? When the water turns hard, there is not good pressure, no hot water, and the shower head "whistles". Any thoughts? the valve is an Autotrol series 255/460i

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