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Posted by Gary Slusser on April 18, 2003 at 15:50:07:
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: here's the problem, my water softener seems to be working only some of the time. while in the shower, the water is intermittently "hard" (sticky, tacky) and "soft" (slimy). There is a distinct difference in the feel of the water. The softener (2 tank system) does suck the water out of the brine tank but could there be some sort of blockage in the mineral tank preventing the water from being soft at all times? When the water turns hard, there is not good pressure, no hot water, and the shower head "whistles". Any thoughts? the valve is an Autotrol series 255/460i

Most of the water used while in the shower is hot waterabout 70/30%. So if you experience hard water it more than not is the hot water that's hard. Problem is I've never heard of times of hard and soft water both during a shower. If that is the case then possibly you're drawing water through the softener too fast; exceeding the peak flow rating of the softener. That would occur if someone else uses water at the same time you're in the shower.

You should have someone do a raw water test and set the softener up for your present water use. Possibly your salt dose is not right or the regeneration schedule is not right for today's water use patterns etc.. Due to the age of the unit or condition of the resin, you may have lost capacity over the years and need to regenerate more frequently. If you have iron in the water the resin may need to be cleaned but hardness alone will not cause resin any buildup type problem.

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