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Posted by Ernesto Morin on April 18, 2003 at 11:26:53:
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: : Does anybody have a good link on how to make a pressure test assembly for a DWV?

: : Or maybe somebody has some info on what parts I could pick up at say Home Depot.

: It's easier to do a water test if water is available. If you want to do a 5 pound air test you can connect at your lavatory or sink trap arm with a solvent weld by threaded adapter and then use a bushing to get down to 3/4" threads for your test guage and air inlet valve assembly.
: DO NOT put over 5 lbs on DWV. When you are done cut off the thread adapter and attach your trap adapter. LonnythePlumber

Thanks for you info. Our local inspector wants air pressure and not water.

Also another question is what is best to use an air compressor or try to use an air pump?


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