Connect toilet/sink horizontally to clean out?
Posted by JLew on April 17, 2003 at 23:45:21:

We want to add a 1/2 bath. Problem: can we connect to main sewer pipe that runs through the house without going through the concrete to tie in below slab? Want to connect via clean out valve about five feet away in our garage? The clean out valve, or the starting point of our sewer pipe begins in our garage, with the valve about 4-5 inches above the garage floor, right next to the wall.

Assuming I can connect to the valve/opening in the first place (think there is an adapter?), if it is 4-5 inches above the slab, how can this be done since the height of the valve is higher than the bottom of a toilet? With this slight difference in height, with the toilet bottom below this, must I have an evacuator, powerflush, or raise the toilet so as to provide enough gravity via a five foot horizonal pipe?


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