Re: Help with new bathroom in basement.
Posted by Bruce Keats on April 17, 2003 at 08:07:50:
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I would rather not repeat history. I am going to tie the wet bar sink and the shower into the same 2" line. In my case, I am going to take a 1 1/2" wye off the 2" line and put a separate vent and trap on the wet bar sink. The 1 1/2" wye will be down stream of the shower trap and vent.

Do you know why the inspector wanted the wet bar sink and shower on separate 2" lines? How big was/is the sink?


: I to am installing a full bath and wet bar in basement. Here are some lessons learned from failing my first inspecton (location is Northern Virginia).

: - Wet bar sink is greater than 12"x 12" - required special zoning approval to add sink.
: - Inspector would not allow wet bar sink and shower in same 2" line - had to run seperate 2" lines for each.
: - Tied vanity and tub together - this is OK - but inspector wants me to go up to 2" drain line not 1.5"

: I am making all these changes now. just fyi...

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