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Posted by hj on April 16, 2003 at 17:22:19:
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1. You install a trap primer valve in the water piping with its drain into the floor drain.
2. sand or gravel
3. You don't need it if you know how to make the connections before setting the fixtures.
4. No. By that time it is either correct or too late.

: I am installing a new bathroom in my basement ... a rather adventurous part of a larger basement renovation. I am going to put in a shower (36x36), wet bar, whirlpool bathtub, sink, toilet and a new floor drain. The laundry room was moved from its original location (not by me) and the new laundry room does not have a floor drain, so I am installing one. The tub is a massive 6'x4' two person whirlpool tub that has to sit on the slab for support.

: The main DWV is a 4" cast iron pipe that runs about down the centre of the bathroom location, so I have to run two branch lines on either side. I am probably going to use ABS for all the additions. On one side I will have 2" pipe connecting to the shower. Off the 2" pipe, I have a 1 1/2" pipe connecting to the wet bar. On the other side of the 4" DWV, I will have a 3" pipe connecting to the toilet. From the 3" pipe, I have a 2" pipe connecting to the floor drain. From the 3" pipe, I also have 1 1/2" pipe connecting the sink and tub.

: Venting is to a 2" vent from the toilet to the attic. All the other fixtures are connected to the 2" vent in the basement ceiling via 1 1/2" vent lines. The 2" vent will tie into the main vent in the attic.

: Some of the questions I have are:

: a) How does one keep the floor drain from drying out?
: b) I have busted up the floor already creating 6" trench. Is there an easy way to prepare the bed for the pipe to keep the 1/4" per foot slope?
: c) How about access underneath the bathtub and shower to connect up the traps?
: d) Should I worry about access underneath the shower and the bathtub after everything is installed? Best way?

: Since this is my first major adventure into DWV and help would be greatly appreciated.

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